Tetrabutyl titanate | Titanium(IV) n-butoxide | CAS 5593-70-4

Tetrabutyl titanate | Titanium(IV) n-butoxide | CAS 5593-70-4

Technical Index:

  • Volume elements 340.36
  • Foreign concept  Pale yellow oily liquid
  • Density  0.996g/cm3 (D20)
  • TiO2% 23.0 24.0
  • Flash point  170  C (open)
  • Solidification point -55  C into the glassy material
  • CAS:5593-70-4
  • EINECS:227-006-8
  • English name  Tetrabutyl titanate;Titanium(IV) n-butoxide;Titanium tetrabutanolate;TNBT
  • Chemical Ti(OC4H9)4


tetrabutyl titanate structure

With passers

The goods mainly for ester-exchange reaction and can be used as high-intensity polyester lacquer modifier, heat resistant coatings additives, medical adhesive, crosslinking agents and the condensation reaction catalyst. Preparation of metal and rubber can, and the modification of metal and plastic adhesive. Packaging and storage : galvanized iron packaging. 200kg per barrel. Decomposition of the materials with water to prevent humid.

Note :

The product is pretreated with, OH, COOH, CONH2 other polar groups, especially those vulnerable to hydrolysis reaction with the water, the water should be kept sealed to avoid. In addition to a variety of ketone outside soluble organic solvent.



25KG/25L Plastic Drum,200KG/200L Iron Drum,1000KG/1000L IBC Bulk, More Detail please refer to FAQ-Packaging.


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