Titanate Coupling Agent TC-27 | CAS N/A

Titanate Coupling Agent TC-27 | CAS N/A

Technical index:

  • Appearance: deep brown dope
  • Density: (GB4472-84) D20 About 1.05g/cm3
  • Viscosity: (GB265-70) 20 About 400mm/s


Titanate Coupling Agent TC-27 Structure

General description:

It is a multiplex monoalkoxy titanate which has the dispersion as phosphate ester and coupling property as titanate. This product is similar to KR-12 made by Kenrich Chemical Company, USA. It is good surface active agent for pigment and has excellent dispersion property (especially to carbon black).

Major Composition (Insert figure)

Range of Application

This product may be used in deep color raw material (polyolefin system). It also can be used in organic and inorganic pigment, paint, rubber and oil ink.


This product is widely used in surface treatment of organic and inorganic pigment.

  1. This product may be used in deep color raw plastic particles to improve the dispersion of pigment and make the product have high colority, even and bright color and good luster. Especially, it may increase the filling quantity of carbon black by 10-15% and decrease the production cost of black raw material largely.
  2. It may be used in paint industry to improve the dispersion and heat resistance of pigment, prevent paint from sedimenting and lower the baking temperature. Of the baking finish.
  3. After blended with other coupling agent, it may be used in oil ink industry to improve the dispersion and adhesive force and the pigment evenness and prevent oil ink from sedimenting.


Spray the coupling agent diluted by solvent (1:1) into pigment in high speed mixer, after agitating for 5-15 minutes (depending on effect), discharge the material or add other auxiliary agent and carrier. In the case of grinding process, it may be added during grinding.

Choice of solvent

  • Plastic industry: liquid wax (white oil);
  • Rubber industry: solvent oil or machine oil;
  • Paint industry: solvent or isopropyl alcohol.


  1. For the pigment treated by high speed mixer, please notice the heat elimination in the case of discharge.
  2. Validity for one year (from delivery date).

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