Titanate Coupling Agent TC-3 CAS | N/A

Titanate Coupling Agent TC-3 CAS | N/A

Technical index:

  • Appearance: Brown reddish liquid
  • Density: (GB4472-84) D20 About 0.99g/cm3
  • Viscosity: (GB265-70) 20 About 30mm/s

General discription:

The structure of this product is very complex. It is a reformed monoalkoxy phosphate ester coupling agent and similar to KR-12 made by Kenrich Chemical Company, USA. It is good surface active agent for pigment and has good dispersion property.


  1. This product may be used in oil coating and in oil ink.
  2. It may be used in the priming paint to improve the dispersion significantly.
  3. It may be used in ship paint to prevent adsorbing microorganism.
  4. It may improve the adhesive force and prolong the maintainance period.
  5. It may be used in the surface paint to improve the brightness.
  6. After blended with other coupling agent, it may be used in oil ink to improve the dispersion and sedimentation resistance of ink and make the color evenly and adhesive force high.


This product can be added into material after diluted by dimethylbezene or methylbezene when grinding the paint slurry. If the grinding effect is not good, you can use high speed agitator. In order to prevent other auxiliary agent from joining the competition reaction. Pigment can be pretreated with this product. Then, it may be treated according to original process.


Validity for one year (from delivery from workshop).

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